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The Incredible Sinkable Raft.

At the foot of our garden in White Plains, New York in the 1950’s was a shallow stream that ran down to Saxon Woods Wild Park. The stream flowed down to a little falls, emptied into a larger stream, then wandered off and disappeared into the dark thickets of the Wild Park. Undeterred by the…

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Wheeling the Dog.

All good dogs come to an end. Mum’s beloved dog, Tippy, was no exception. A time came when Tippy’s back legs gave out, and she could no longer dash across the front porch to her favorite piddling place beneath our giant blue spruce. Mum was not a bit deterred by this evidence of decline in…

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Tubby Girl

I was pregnant when Joe and I married. Not many young couples could have been less prepared for parenthood than we! Dreams and plans flew out the window when we discovered that, not only were we in love, but that I was “expecting.” Passion had prevailed over prudence! What next? I waved goodbye to a…

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Big Brothers

It was 1936 in Miri, Sarawak, Borneo, and my mother was expecting her second child. My big brother, Bill, was a sturdy four-year-old who wanted a baby brother to play with. Imagine his disappointment when he learned that Mum had given birth, not to the expected playmate, but to a baby girl. YECCHHH! Mum loved…

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