My roommate Janice and I had her grandson, Jamie, over for the weekend.  Huge fun! I love 2-year-olds! It’s a lot of work for Janice, since she is the responsible adult. But for me, it’s a great romp. 

At breakfast, I decided to teach Jamie how to do one of the weird warm-up choral exercises my church choir does before rehearsing anthems and hymns for Sunday. It consists of humming a rapidly ascending series of scales with closed but vibrating lips, as loudly as you can.  Brrrrrrrraaaap! Just the sort of satisfying noise two-year-olds (and childish adults) like to make.

100% guaranteed to warm vocal chords and tonsils and set your lips a-tingling. I thought he might enjoy it. He DID!

He caught on immediately and proved adept at the exercise. 

But it was not one of my better ideas to teach this warmup to a toddler with a fresh mouthful of sausage and scrambled egg. 

BRRRRAAAPPPP! Splitter splat. 

I’m still picking traces of breakfast off the potted plant on the breakfast table.

And wiping stains off the wall.

Apart from that, Sunday breakfast was great.