Every Day is Mother’s Day

Every day is Mother’s Day!

With a full heart, I remember my mother, Ruth, my grandmothers, Elizabeth and Sadie, my daughters, Tracey and Amanda, granddaughters, Alexandra, Whitney and Courtney, and great granddaughter, Grace Caroline! For love of them, and to celebrate every woman who mentors and mothers children, I share a few images I created.

The first, Tree of Life, reminds us that “Mother, you are a tree of life to your children. And they are the hope of the world.”

The second, Sing a Song of Mothers, shows an African mother, sheltering her child under a Baobab tree. The Baobab tree, like the mother, is known as a Tree of Life to all creatures inhabiting the great African Savannah. I thank all mothers for their gifts of life and love.

The third, A Mother’s Prayer, shows a moment in the life of a young family. The mother, ignoring the small calamities of daily life: a pot overflowing, a toddler with dirty diapers, a basket of unfolded laundry, focuses briefly on introducing her children to beauty and wonder. She directs their attention to the flowers blooming just outside the window. She prays that her children will always be safe. But she also prays that they will be fully alive to the beauty of creation.

That is my prayer for you. That you will be safe. That you will enjoy a loving relationship with your family. That you will be blessed by the small daily miracles that surround us all.