A toddler puts a seed into the ground. It grows into a big, beautiful sunflower! By summer’s end, the flower dies. He cries and cries. Why did it die?

Then he discovers that the sunflower left him a present ~ many, many seeds. He, and his animal friends, happily eat them up. All but one…And that, he puts in the ground.

The up-beat vibe of the SUNFLOWER song sends a positive message about loss. Life goes on!

Little Big Books
  • Judge ​ (2017 Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards)

    "A sweet story about life, discovered by a boy who plants a sunflower, watches it die, and plants its seed again. A great job of making every word count. Illustrations are vibrant. Multimedia features: linked video and Read Again. Solid, strong. Nice job."

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Little Big Books