Teeny Green

What if you live where you can’t have pets? A clever toddler solves the problem with a secret pet: a turtle, called TEENY GREEN. Everywhere she goes, he can go too. And no one will know, ‘cause he can’t be seen. (Except by her, of course!)

The frolicking TEENY GREEN song shows how little ones can straddle the world of grownups, and the secret world of children.

Is Teeny real, or is he a creation of her lively toddler’s imagination? Only she knows. And she isn’t telling!

Little Big Books

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Little Big Books
  • Judge

    3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

    "“What a lovely premise. Children crave secrets but they are difficult to keep from those “prying parents” and this is a sweet way to bring life to a child’s imagination. The plot is both cute and imaginative and I think this will become the perfect addition to any child’s library.

    The author has done a fantastic job of character development and pacing. The text is well suited for the targeted age group. The illustrations are well done and the book is both visually appealing and satisfying in every aspect. I think this book will meet with any teacher’s approval."